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Who needs a Thermoserver

Recently I went to a Thermomix cooking demonstration with a friend who is a Thermomix owner.

For those of you who don’t know a Thermomix is a bench top appliance that does the work of about ten other appliances and can only be bought from a representative, who most certainly will make you have a demonstration, they cost about $2000 in Australia. It was really interesting they made lots of yummy foods really effortlessly and we all got to have a taste which was the best bit by far.

Before you read on I want you to  know that in order to pay the expenses to keep my website going I have become an Amazon  Associate that means that if you follow my link and buy something I earn a small commission.

During the course of the night my friend mentioned that she would like to get a “Thermoserver” which is an insulated, double walled stainless steel bowl that has a lid and is used to keep food hot or cold for several hours while you cook other things in your Thermomix. I thought that this would be a great gift idea and so when I came home I tried to buy one for her. Simple I thought – not so!

This is a thermoserver

You can’t buy them you can only get one if you host a demonstration which seemed weird to me. I then checked Gumtree and Ebay and people were selling their second hand ones for more than $100 each! I don’t like my friend that much.

This is nonsense I thought

Thinking there must be an alternative option I checked Amazon and this is what I bought for her she has had them for  a few weeks now and is absolutely wrapped.  Three for less than $50.00 how could you go wrong.

They do everything the thermoserver does plus they have an airtight lid which makes it easy to transport food while keeping it hot or cold.

They have handles which make it easy to carry and overall it is a pretty handy thing and for a fraction of the price of the thermoserver if you can even find one. I decided to buy a set for myself as well as it is perfect to use to maintain the correct temperature making yoghurt or some cheeses I haven’t made because they need a cooler temperature.

The inner bowl part is stainless steel but the outside is a lighter weight plastic. The inner walls are insulated so it can maintain the heat for ages – the product description says 4 hours my friend has used hers for about three and was very happy. I’d say that you would need to put in the freezer or fridge for a while before using for cold things though just to bring the surface temperature down.

There is a whole range of insulated things available. Double walled things seem to be everywhere now

You can also get serving sets that come with their own carry cases that keep them warm and safe. The Rachel Ray range of insulated carriers is particularly nice you can get cookware that fits in them or you can use what you already have. Everyone needs a potluck food carrier. Be careful you need to provide your own baking dish with these so make sure yours fit.

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