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Tao Tronics LED Grow Light 24W Review

So Why Tao Tronics LED Grow Light 24W?

I did a review of the best LED grow lights a while ago and chose the Tao Tronics LED Grow Light 12W as my favorite.  There is now a new improved model Tao Tronics LED Grow Light 24W so this is an updated review.

If you are interested you can read my previous review here.

There is also some general information about using LED grow lights and growing plants indoors available here.


So What’s the Difference

  • Compared to 12W TT-GL20 TaoTronics grow light which was my selection as best grow light last time I did a review this updated model is twice as powerful.
  • Both versions have 12 LEDs but with the newer one each LED is 2W rather than 1W. The light is still the same size and shape but is twice as bright and has added red LEDs which encourage better overall growth and flowering.  More flowers equals more fruit or vegetables. Sounds like a winner to me.

Some plants need stronger light. This LED grow light can successfully be used with a wider variety of plants which need stronger lights.

All the good things which I highlighted in my previous review still apply to this improved model.

  • There is a 12 month manufactures warranty which is extended by another 6 Tao Tronics 24W grow lightmonths if you register your new purchase online.
  • As with all Led lights the light doesn’t get hot so there is no danger of burning your delicate seedlings or plants and the soil won’t dry out even with the stronger model. This can be a problem with fluorescent lights.
  • I checked the actual wattage used by the two lights to compare them. The 12W TaoTronics® E27 version I reviewed last time uses 8W and the 24W TaoTronics LED Grow Light uses 15W. I’m not really into the technical stuff but from what I’ve been able to figure out this is fairly typical and would make make little or no impact on your power bill even if you run it 24 hours a day.
  • You can use it in any situation where you want to grow things indoors. It is not for outdoor use.
  • The light coverage is about 4.9 feet x 3.3 feet (compared to the 12W 3 feet x 2 feet) which is quite a good sized area. The suggested height of the light from the plants is between 1.7 ft. and 5 ft. 🙂 TIP It may help to measure an area on the floor so you can visualize the space. The area I use outside to garden is not much bigger than that. You can use it for growing herbs, ornamental plants or use it in a green house.
  • These are suitable for any indoor situation where light is limited. You could in theory grow flowers in a basement with no other light source. Grow lights are popular with people who want to grow marijuana for that reason.

🙂 TIP This is a light bulb. It fits into a regular bulb socket – you will need something to put24W Tao Tronics Grow Light it into like a lamp – it just twists into the socket. You can also get brackets to hang grow lights which may be useful. Easy to set up and use – no special lamp needed, a desk lamp will do.

  • It is suitable for all plants in all stages of growth.
  • You can use it for hydroponics, aquatic plants, flowers vegetables or herbs.
  • Much more effective than normal fluorescent plant lights and cheaper to run.
  • Some people reported that their vegetables have grown twice as fast when using a grow light as when grown using a full spectrum light – sunlight is full spectrum light. That’s pretty amazing.
  • Inexpensive – when you consider it’s a one off purchase to allow you to garden all year.
  • LED lights generally last a lot longer than a normal bulb.
  • Using LED grow lights for hydroponic growing can rapidly improve the health and vigor of plants. Generally a noticeable growth within 2 weeks of using a good grow lamp on a daily basis.

What about the price

I’ve been keeping my eye on the prices ever since I did my first review which about a year ago now. Amazon has consistently had the best price that I can find. When I did my original review the 12W version was almost $100.00 when I looked today the 12W version was $26.99 and the 24W version was $36.99 that sounds like pretty good value to me.

Why this one

Just a bit of background on why I like the Tao Tronics ones in particular. Tao Tronics  have been the best seller of grow lights on Amazon for ages now. The company has a good reputation and overwhelmingly positive comments from many happy customers. They sell lots of different tech products and a quick check indicates that nearly all the reviews for their products are positive. There are also lots of positive comments about them having great customer service which is important to me.  They are not some fly by night company that sell cheap nasty stuff to the masses than vanish with our money. The products work well and they are good value for money and if something does go wrong they will help.

How Many Plants can I grow with this light?led-light-beam

This is a question one of my readers asked. The answer is as many as you can fit under the beam. The higher you raise the light the wider the beam will be. You need to keep in mind that the further the light is away from the light less intense the light will be. The image at the right shows height and width of the beam. I hope this helps. Just have a go growing plants should be fun.

Have you Used A Grow Light To grow Vegetables? I’d love to hear about your results please leave a comment below.




  1. Sam @ indoorgrowledlights.comSam @

    yeah , amazon product price always fluctuate , so keep an eye on the price before purchasing one and try to buy at a discount they offer mostly on different seasons i.e. Xmas , Cyber Monday etc. the current price is $25.99 🙂

    BTW a really good review vicki , very informative.

  2. saifulsaiful

    Easy to use and install
    The daisy chain hanging system is a plus point
    Very well built and rugged design

  3. saifulsaiful

    How many plants can I have under this light at once?

    • You can have as many as will fit under the beam. The beam will get wider the high you suspend the light. The intensity will reduce the higher the beam is away from the plants. I have added an image of the beam width which may help.

  4. DennisDennis

    Excellent review of the TAO TRONICS LED GROW LIGHT 24W. These are great for starting clones or seedlings.

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