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Shutter Angel

I’ve seen Shutter angels or garden angels on pintrest I like them – people are so clever. I showed them to my husband and almost by magic he made  one while I was at work. We call her Gurtie. No idea why it just happened. We didn’t have a shutter so she’s not really a Shutter Angel but she is a Garden Angel and gorgeous and she fits right in at our place.

Gurtie our garden Angel
Shutter angel

We had some left over paint to brighten her up. A quick trip to the local “tip shop” or recycling center we had all the timber we needed and there was a council clean up going on so we scoured the streets looking for the perfect bits and pieces to put together a garden angle to do us proud. It’s funny how stuff just appears when you start looking. We found a piece of metal that looks like it used to be part of a door screen that made perfect wings.

It cost hardly nothing except time.

Her head was the hardest bit. We really thought at first that we had found the perfect head but when we put it all together it just didn’t have the look we were after. After days of having a headless angel we found an old bar tray that we had had for

years – why do you keep stuff that you don’t need or even like for so long. You just get used to it being there I suppose.

I really want her to be part of the garden so decided to incorporate a pot plant that looks like a handbag  she can hold it like a bouquet it really jazzes her up.

Gurtie our Garden angel

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