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Canada Planting Zones

Canada has been divided into planting or hardiness zones it’s good to have some idea of what zone you are in to get a guide for what will grow well when.

Click on map to enlarge
Click on map to enlarge

I got this map from the Canada Natural Resources website there is more in depth information there if you are interested. They are now “Going Beyond the Zones” and developing maps for individual species of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers by collecting species specific information.

Of course this information is great but variations in weather from year to year and gardening techniques can also have a significant impact on plant survival in any particular location.



  1. AdamAdam

    very interesting map, thanks for sharing with the community. not every plant can grow everywhere but thanks to the technology advancement, its possible now to grow almost anything in indoor because of hydroponic gardening.

    • You don’t need too use hydroponic systems you should be able to get good results using conventional potting soil or seed raising mix. So long as you keep the temperature to what the plants need to grow and keep the light on to simulate sunshine things should still grow.

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