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How to Grow Ginger

Follow these easy tips for growing ginger

Tips for growing ginger

1. Plant rhizomes with buds up

Plant the rhizomes with the buds facing upward in well-draining, loose soil that’s moist and high in organic matter. It doesn’t need to be planted deep, but the bottom of your rhizome just 2-4 inches below the surface or in potting mix cover it with just enough soil to cover the surface of the ginger. If you want to grow it in a pot use a pot that is wide rather than deep as ginger sort of grows sideways and will spread wider rather than deep. One piece of ginger rhizome per 12 inch wide pot is all you need if it’s happy it will multiply . A pot like this one would suit two rhizomes.

If you live in a warmer climate, you can plant your ginger directly into the soil. Those who live in cooler climates can use a large pot and grow it in a warm spot or even in a grow tent. Ginger needs a growing season where the soil is more than 7 7 degrees Celsius.

2. Keep the soil damp

Once your ginger has been planted, make sure you keep the soil damp but not wet and don’t allow the soil to dry out completely. You will also need to monitor for drainage and adjust your watering so your newly planted rhizome soil doesn’t become waterlogged, which could result in your rhizome rotting.

3. Keep your eye on the water and feed your ginger plant

Keep your plant moist but not wet you don’t want it to rot. Once the green shoots appear (and this can take ages ), then you can just watch it grow, water it and occasionally feed your ginger with an organic fertiliser. The speed with which it sends up shoots will depend on the warmth of the soil so if you put them in a pot place it in the sun to keep the soil warm but don’t let them dry out.

4. Harvest when ginger is about 3 feet tall

When your ginger grows up to about 3 feet tall you can start to harvest the young roots which will have a mild-flavor, now the bigger and more mature it gets the flavor will get stronger you can wait until it reaches maturity to get a much stronger taste but I like to use it as soon as I can to avoid getting everything all at once. If you are growing in a pot be a bit careful as the plant will become top heavy and easy to blow over so try to have it out of the wind.

Basically, shove them in the ground with the buds facing up, keep it damp and warm then wait.

Don’t agonize over it gardening should be fun.

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