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How to Grow Beans

How to Grow BeansYou really don’t even need to ask how to grow beans they are so easy to grow. Beans are a great crop because they grow up rather than out so you get great value for space used – perfect. Beans have great names like scarlet runner, big kahuna, lazy housewife, purple king, dragons tongue, asparagus yardlong,

They are warm season vegetables and are frost sensitive. So plant seeds after the threat of frost has passed or cover the area to protect them. They can be grown all year round in warm areas and for about 6 months of the year in temperate areas. In cold areas they can be grown for about 4 months of the year. They prefer well drained soil but you should add compost to sandy soil to improve the water holding ability. They prefer a neutral PH.

Beans are either climbing (pole) or bush (dwarf). You will need to give the pole varieties somethig to climb on and protect them from wind damage. If you live in a windy area you may be better to plant dwarf beans. Taller varieties generally yield about three times the dwarf beans.

Sow seeds directly where you want them to grow. Often people plant them in the same spot that broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower just came out of as those plants are pretty hungry for nitrogen– beans restore the nitrogen to the soil – how clever is Mother Nature?

Read the instructions on the packet of seeds for spacing requirements but generally. If you are planting rows make the rows about 50-60cm apart and plant each seed 7-10 cm along the row.

Gold Mine BeansThey will get flowers and then as the flowers fall away little beans will form. You can pick the lovely tender baby beans as soon as they look big enough to eat. Then others as they get a bit bigger. You can also leave them to get big and fat then use the seeds in soups – can’t say I’ve done this but it is possible.

I usually plant just a few dwarf beans in a clump wherever I can find space.  Then when the next space comes vacant I plant a few more and so on otherwise I end up with a ton of beans all at once. There are only so many beans two people can eat and my space is too valuable. It can be a bit stressful trying to figure out how to use all the produce you grow. I’ve tried freezing them but haven’t had much success – I like my food fresh otherwise I would just buy frozen beans from the supermarket.

Check out my page that talks about different varieties here

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