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Grow Your Own Vegetables

tomatoes-1443259-mThere are many reasons to grow your own vegetables. The main reason I do it is because I like it. I also like the achievement of taking a tiny little seed and turning it into food for my family with mother nature’s help of course – nothing happens without her!

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are

The way people garden is the same everywhere it doesn’t matter if you are in the USA Canada, the UK or Australia  the processes and the requirements are the same.

Plants need to get nutrients from the soil, they need about 6 hours of sunshine, warmth and water to thrive.

What changes is the timing of the sowing, planting, pruning and picking which differs according to the climate where you live. Whatever you read anywhere, be it in a book by an “expert” or on a webpage by an enthusiastic hobbyist, will need to be adjusted for your situation.  The difference with a website is that you can ask questions and share your experiences to help others get more success from their endeavours as well.  Please do share it’s more fun if you get involved.

Why Grow Vegetables?

They Taste Better

The vegetables that we get from the supermarket are grown to meet the requirements of the supermarket.  This means that they are picked before they are fully ripe, transported and stored to meet the needs of the purchasers – the supermarkets.

The varieties that are available from supermarkets are those that meet their needs the best.  They need to be tough, uniform and they need to last. While you can get good tasting vegetables from the supermarket taste is sometimes a secondary consideration.

Vegetables you grow in your home garden may look different they probably won’t store as well but they generally have superior flavour.

It’s Fun

It’s so good to see a seed you’ve planted break through the soil as a brand new plant.

Get a great sense of achievement when you harvest your own vegetables
Get a great sense of achievement when you harvest your own vegetables

To dig up a batch of potatoes and make your own chips is awesome – they taste fantastic. To sit down to a dinner where all the vegetables were grown by you is an amazing feeling. What about a pasta sauce made with your own tomatoes. A delicious salad.  A pesto  sauce made with your own basil and garlic.  I can smell it now.

Your Kids Will Know Where Their Food Comes From

Surely this is a good thing – they may even learn about the seasons and how climate and rainfall effects things. Not to mention about what bees do and all sorts of bugs. You can’t get that at a supermarket.

It’s Good for the Environment

The less distance your food travels cuts down on the amount of energy used to produce it and transport it. Fossil fuels are used to produce the foods we buy. Pesticides and herbicides are used  to maintain the quality and increase the yield. Then the food is shipped sometimes thousands of miles. Producing your own little crop of tomatoes won’t change the world but it won’t hurt either. Where did the last orange you ate come from?

It’s Fresher

Food we call “fresh” can sometimes have been stored  be months. All vegetables have a time of year when they grow but we can get everything all year round now. For instance Broccoli and Cabbage are  winter crops but we now get them all year. Where do they come from where have they been? When were they picked.  Food quality reduces proportionately to the time and distance from harvest unless of course they are spray with something to make them last.

You Might Meet People You Never Usually Would

Just hanging around the garden centre you often get talking to people. Gardeners are generally nice people and you can learn so much from people who have been doing it for a while. I find I can always find something to talk about with the gardeners at my husband’s golf functions it’s wonderful to have a connection that ordinarily wouldn’t exist. We share advice, seeds and cutting and sometimes produce.

Did I Mention It’s Fun!

It Gets You Outside In the Fresh Air

Just being outside is good for you the sun on your body gives you a good dose of vitamin D that you need for healthy bones and skin. The exercise that you get doing all the things that gardeners do – bending, stretching and lifting, digging and chopping can be like a workout at the gym some days. So long as you don’t over do it this can be great for your overall health.



  1. GaryGary


    What a wonderfully informative, warm and passionate site you have here.
    While I will admit to being a bit older I started my 1st garden in about 1969 when I was 12.

    I am not sure where my garden “Bug” came from I recall only my grandmother with Hydrangeas in her yard as a passion, but never veggies.

    By the time 1971 rolled around I was fully employed at a fairly large family produce farm. While I loved the planting and maintenance of my tiny home garden, I soon learned just hard REAL work could be.

    To this day I love gardening and plants, and hold a very high regard for folks that farm the land “Naturally”.

    Thanks for the awesome site and great read, all my best,


    • adminadmin

      Hi Gary thanks for you lovely comments I hope you come back often and share your wealth of knowledge with me and my readers. The thing about gardening is that you can always learn something amazing from someone else. Best wishes Vicki

  2. LizLiz

    I really like the variety of topics you have on this post! It’s not easy to make someone crave vegetables, but you managed to do it. 🙂 I’m a city dweller without a garden but there are some good natural farmer’s markets that come into the city from surrounding areas that are hugely popular. All I can grow is some herbs on my windowsill. Any tips for very small space gardening?

    • adminadmin

      Hi Liz Thanks for the comment I’ll do some stuff on small gardens soon I need to deal with a few other things first but please stop by often to see what we are up to. You could get a grow light and grow a range of stuff indoors if you were really keen but the farmers markets sounds like a good option. It’s is just really satisfying to see some thing grow. Not sure if i had limited space what I’d go for vegetables or flowers -I love to have something to pick.

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