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Gronomics Elevated Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to grow vegetables. Elevated Garden beds are perfect for people with disabilities. No bending and no digging is a great fuss free way to grow anything you want and they are able to be packed up and moved if you really need to.Read on for my review of Grownomics elevated garden beds and why they are the best choice for raised garden beds.

What’s Good about Grownomics Elevated Garden beds?

  • they look great and are really nicely made
  • they are hand crafted in the USA and made from 100% Western red cedar.Gronomics Elevated garden bed
  • different styles of beds allow you to match different items for a cohesive look.
  • totally tool free assembly makes the process so simple
  • You don’t have to dig any holes
  • they are the perfect height to help you avoid back breaking bending
  • they are strong and hard wearing
  • perfect for a balconies, patios, condos or apartments.
  • bigger varieties are perfect for bigger yards
  • elevated design helps keep animals and other pests out.
  •  easy to follow instructions
  • allows you to have a garden no matter what the local soil is like
  • suitable for vegetables and flowers
  • depth of the garden bed is perfect to grow most vegetables
  • comes complete with a ground mat that goes in before the soils and stop the soil falling out through the cracks
  • slats in the bottom allow for perfect drainage
  • you can pack them up and take them with you if you need to move.
  • with a bit of help and effort you can move them around to ensure best growing positions

The only drawback

Any container that you grow stuff in needs to drain or the plants will become waterlogged, the roots will rot and the plant will die. These are no different they have a slat bottom which any excess water will drain through so you need to consider where any run off will go. Even though there is a ground mat supplied, which goes in the planter under the soil, to keep the soil in if you have them on a hard surface like tiles or concrete you could end up with a puddle. A tray of some sort under the planter should solve this problem. I checked all the reviews I could and although nobody seemed to be highlighting this as an issue I think it’s something you need to consider. You will have the same problem with any raised garden or planter. You cannot garden successfully without drainage.

They are made from timber won’t I get splinters?

All of the garden beds come either finished or unfinished the unfinished ones can be a little bit rough – some people prefer a more rustic look. If you’re worried about the roughness get the finished ones which are sanded smooth.

Are they easy to put together?

The answer to this is a big fat yes – all the parts are cut to size and slot together effortlessly for an outstanding finished product. Assembly is totally tool free and everything slides together really easily. Way easier than any Ikea product that I’ve bought in the past. While it is really easy to put it together alone a second  of hands are always useful. It wouldn’t take longer than an hour to unpack it put it together and fill it with soil. You could probably even get all your planting done in this time as well. Watch this video it will give you a good idea of what’s involved.

Will it last out in the weather?

The timbers are thick enough for the beds to be really sturdy. The natural tannins in Western Red Cedar are renown for inhibiting rot so this should last for years. You may want oil the surface of the timber each year or so to protect it or you can let it fade for a more rustic look but it probably won’t last as long.

What Can I grow in them?

While you need to have deeper soil for things like potatoes most vegetables are fairly shallow rooted. You may not be able to grow a show winning long carrot or parsnip but you can pretty well grow anything you like if your conditions are suitable.

What are the Dimensions I have a pretty tight space?

Make sure you allow for the cap in your measurements
Make sure you allow for the cap in your measurements

The dimensions don’t include the decorative cap that is on the top of each leg. With the caps a 24 x 48 x 24 inch one will be 27.5 x 51.5 x 31.3 inches.There are 4 caps, one the top of each corner. The inside is 22 1/4 by 46 1/4 by 9 inches deep. If your space is really tight you could leave the caps off. It just wouldn’t look as good.

How Much Soil Do I Need?

The soil varies depending on the size of the garden bed I have list the soil capacity next to each of the individual items. you just need to buy potting mix.

Gronomics REGB 24-48 24-Inch by 48-Inch by 30-Inch Rustic

Gronomics Elevated garden bed
Elevated Garden Bed, Unfinished

This one is unfinished so the surface will be a little bit rough to touch. The size of 2 foot x 4 foot makes it perfect for balconies and along a wall.

  • Overall size – 24″W X 48″L X 30″H
  • Garden size –  22″W X 46″L X 8″deep
  • Soil Capacity : 4.7 cubic feet


Gronomics EGB 34-48S Elevated Garden Bed,

34-Inch by 48-Inch by 32-Inch, Finished5132fHunPoL._SL250_

This one is bigger 34 inches x 48 inches makes it a perfect size for a stand alone garden that you can walk around. It’s finished so the surface has been sanded smooth.

  • Overall Size – 34″W X 48″L X 32″H
  • Garden Size – 32″W X 46″L X 10″Deep
  • Soil Capacity: 8.9 cubic feet

Gronomics EGB 18-48S

Elevated Garden Bed, 18 by 48 by 32-Inch, Safe Finish

This one is narrower again at 18 inches wide by 48 inches long there truly is one for every situation.

  • Overall Size – 18″W X 48″L X 32″H
  • Garden Size: 16″W X 48″L X 10″Deep
  • Soil capacity – 4.1 cubic feet
This ones is the perfect elevated garden for people in a wheelchair or someone who needs to sit to tend their garden as you can get the your legs closer in to the bed which will eliminate stretching. With up to 18” planting depth this garden bed is perfect for growing vegetables that require deeper soil. It looks great on it’s own or you can get an extension kit which doubles the size.
  • up to 18″ deep in the center
  • Soil Capacity – 6.5 Cubic Feet

 Will I need to buy anything else?


No, except for soil and of course plants. You may want to consider getting some cedar garden bed oil to treat the wood but you shouldn’t need that for at least 12 months.

You may also want to think about a trellis kit if you plan on growing climbing plants like peas, beans or even cucumbers they will need something to cling on to. You could of course make something up but this one looks pretty good.

You can also get matching cedar rustic planters which are similar to the elevated gardens only the legs are shorter you could make a nice tiered effect by combining a high and low garden bed.

If you are short on space vertical gardens are a great space saving idea. If you can’t attach it to a wall they also have an stand. although it’s a bit over the top for me if you really want a coordinated effect they have a bench planter which combines a chair with planters at each end. There is also the normal sit on the ground type of raised garden bed (rather than elevated).

I hope I’ve answered all your question if you have any others please make a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Ruth Doherty MarksRuth Doherty Marks

    Do we need to put a layer of rocks on the bottom before we put potting soil in!

    • I don’t. The reason to do this is to help with drainage. Our parents used to do this but if you are using potting mix that is well drained you shouldn’t need to. It won’t hurt if you already have put it in some pots – you don’t need to go and take it out.

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