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Gorilla Grow Tent Vs Apollo

If  you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that I’ve been investigating the in and outs of grow tents. I started with just a grow light in my garage but now I want to get more serious. I know what I want now and have narrowed down my choice to either a Gorilla Grow tent or an Apollo Horticulture grow tent.

So why these two?

Gorilla is the brand I had heard of before I started my search.  I’d seen advertising for it and I just feel as though it may be a bit of a bench mark product. Apollo has over 450 customer reviews the comments are overwhelmingly positive. Both brands have a tent that fits in my space. The prices are hugely different the Apollo is around $120 dollars and the Gorilla one is about $400 dollars for the same size tent – how much better can the Gorilla grow tent be?

When I started thinking about getting a grow tent I wrote a general post and identified a few things that stand out as being important when choosing a grow tent:


This is a pretty individual thing – I have a space that is about 6 feet square in the back of my garage so I’ve decided I want a tent that is about 4 feet by 4 feet mainly because that’s fits into the space and it will still give me space to get around it. Also gives me space to have my other gardening stuff – you know potting mix water can tools etc. close by. I also want it to be about 6 feet tall as I’m only short (5 foot nothing) and don’t want to use a ladder. Six feet gives me head room as well as space enough to hang pots if I want to. I also want to be able to grow tomatoes in  it – they grow pretty tall.

Apollo Horticulture 48”x 48”x 80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent 


Gorilla Grow Tent Gorilla Grow Tent, 4 by 4-Feet

are both the perfect size for what I want.

The Gorilla tents have an extension kit which can increase the height by another foot. This seems to be unique to Gorilla tents it may be useful but doesn’t really effect my decision.


I can’t find info about the actual strength of the poles for the Apollo Grow tent but I read about 30 reviews in which nobody said it wasn’t strong enough.

The Gorilla grow tent indicates that “Gorilla tents also have the strongest metal poles that can hold up to 500 lbs on larger sizes for maximum safety and security” but I can’t figure out if this one is classified as a larger tent or not.

I expect they are pretty even maybe the Gorilla is a bit stronger but I figure if the Apollo is not strong enough there would be loads of people saying so in the reviews – there isn’t.

They are even on this point


From the Gorilla Specs “The Gorilla tent has 1680 D Diamond Reflective Walls are 3-9 X thicker than any other grow tent” – that’s pretty thick a good quality backpack is 600D. When I started I thought that 600 D would be thick enough.

The Apollo doesn’t say how thick it is only that it is 100% reflective Mylar fabric.

I have no real idea how thick it needs to be.

On the surface you’d have to say Gorilla wins here but I read a really useful review from a guy who had one of each brand which I haven’t been able to find again but it said something like this.  The Gorilla grow tent material is thicker but having used it for a while doesn’t really seem any more durable than the Apollo grow tent. He then went on to say that because of the lighter weight of the fabric on the Apollo make it is easier to get in to. He also said that the massive flaps on the Gorilla are kind of a pain to deal with.

I’d almost decided to go with Gorilla until I read that guys review but now I think I’m going with the Apollo. I just wish I could find the review again so I could give him the credit he deserves. Thank you whoever you are.

Access points

After much searching I found that the Gorilla has 1 door 4 ducting ports and 3 electrical ports.From the images it looks like it has only one large access point which I guess is what they call a door. I think you would need to leave space on the floor to walk in to tend your plants.

The Apollo has a door and two other large window type openings that I think would be more useful for me and how I plan to use my grow tent. I’ll just be able to open the window and lean in. It looks as though you can gain access to it all the way around – seems like a pretty practical set up to me. Apollo wins here on that alone.  The diagram on the right below shows the other access points looks like at least as many as the Gorilla grow tent.




Zippers and stitching

The Gorilla grow tent has “thick easy engage zippers” whatever that means!

The Apollo has “Heavy Duty Zippers & Double Stitching for Light Protection” Apollo Grow tent zipper

This is an image of the Apollo grow tent zipper and I read somewhere that they are metal – the pulls certainly are but the actual teeth look to be nylon or similar. A couple of reviewers mentioned that you can use the zippers on the Apollo grow tent from both sides which seem like a really useful feature.

I found this comment in a review written by  on May 14, 2016. Big and sturdy zippers have not gotten stuck once. I own a 4 x 4 gorilla and the only advantage to having gorilla tents is the one foot adjustable ceiling height kit. The zippers on this Apollo tent are BETTER than my gorilla zippers (a seem busted on my gorilla zipper the first day). I can’t justify paying over $400 for the gorilla tent unless u just have to have extra ceiling height. 

This seems to answer my questions so I’m going with the Apollo on this point.


What Else Do I think is Important

There are two things

One is that the thing does actually keep the light odors and warmth in. I don’t care if it lets a bit of light out but it does actually have to do what it says it will.  When I have been reading other peoples experiences they seem to be really keen to have no light coming out. I can’t see that any of them are ever going to be 100% light proof I think that is an unreal expectation. Anything that is sown is going to have lots of tiny holes I can live with that. It suits me that I’ll be able to see it in the corner of my garage so I won’t walk into it.

The other thing I want is some sort of tray that goes in the bottom to catch spills. Water, dirt, plant leaves spilt fertilizer needs to go somewhere gardening is a messy business I’m a practical person. I think it will be so much easier if the tent has some sort of built in removable tray that I can drag out empty and clean .  I haven’t seen anyone mention this at all and I’ve read hundreds of reviews but this seems really sensible to me. The specs of the Apollo says that it includes a removable Mylar floor tray.  It’s a winner  as far as I’m concerned.


There is a huge difference in price on these two items.

Last time I looked the Apollo tent was $109.99 each and the Gorilla one was $219.99 each – that’s a huge difference. When I started this review I really thought that I was going to be talking myself into the Gorilla but now I am sure I am going for the Apollo. I really can’t see the value in the Gorilla. It seems that I am just paying more for a name.

With the change I’ll be able to buy all the other things I need to get set up.

I’ve placed my order I hope you do the same- happy growing.


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