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Gardening Gift Ideas

Need some gardening gift ideas for the gardener in your life.

My friends are always asking me what they can get for their mother, father, husband or whoever for Christmas or their birthday or just because they want to buy them something. “They are a gardener” they say “what would they like?”

Well I know what I would like. I’ve made a list of things I’d either like to have or which are my most valued garden things. I hope it helps you find something. First a couple of things I don’t want – a little bag filled with garden tools – I’ve been gardening for years I have all those little tools and my guess is that your gardener has also got them. I don’t want gardener’s hand cream either I have cupboard full of hand cream and I really like to choose my own anyway. I certainly don’t want a mug that says “worlds best gardener” I want serious gardener stuff. I hope my family checks my website. I’ve tried to choose a range of practical things that won’t break the bank but that are thoughtful and good quality. If you click on any of the links it will take you to the Amazon Store where you can check out the details and purchase if you wish. I’ll get a small commision which will help with my website expenses -Thanks.

Gardening GlovesGardening Gloves

Gardening gloves wear out so I always need gardening gloves. Not the big heavy ones that
are made from leather I need ones that are made from material that lets the air circulate or my hands get too hot. I need ones that are thin and flexible so I can still feel what I’m doing. I find that they wear out about once a year so these are always on my list. At less than ten dollars they are a great stockng filler.

A Great Gardening Book

Trowel & ErrorSure I’ve got gardening books most of them have the same information just presented in a different way and they never seem to have all the tips that people who have been gardeninng for years accumulate it’s like as if they don’t want to share. Which is why I made this website in the first place – I want to share tips.  I want this book even if it only has one or two things in it that I don’t know it will be a great book. It’s less than $10.00 how could you go wrong.

Other gardening book suggestions are All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.

Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte or Grow Cook Eat: A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening by by Willi Galloway which gives tip on harveting storing and cooking what you grow. 

I want help in the garden

It really is more fun when you do it with someone and there are some jobs I can’t do on my own. So give your loved one a homemade voucher that entitles them to 1 hour (or however many hours you are willing to give them) of help. Lots of the time people have everything money can buy but really would just like your company. Just make sure you are willing to follow through. You can make and print a gift voucher here.

A Big Flexible BucketTub Trug

These are called “tub trugs” they are fantastic things. This is a great gift for anyone. They come in lots of colours and sizes. They do all the things a bucket does in that they hold things but they are bigger and they are flexible so you can squeeze the handles together. They are flexible but really strong and durable. Buckets tend to get a crack in them then it’s all over these things last and last.  I have one already I have found so many uses for it I want another. I’ve used it as a big ice bucket when we had a party.  You can use it to store the kids toys in it – the uses are endless. I can fit so much more garden clippings in it I have to make fewer trips to the bin to unload. A great idea is to use one of these as the “basket” for a hamper filled with all the things on this list- extra tip – don’t forget the chocolates – gardeners are people too we love chocolates. These things make a really weird looking gift when wrapped, tie the handles together and put something in it that will rattle around when they shake it they’ll never guess what it is. If you can afford it go for the genuine tub trug the plastic is different and they last longer.

Thin Nosed Garden SnipsThin Nosed Snips

These are my favourite gardening tool my husband  bought me some a few years ago. They are perfect for picking flowers, snipping off herbs or picking a pepper I find as I go out the door I go to the shed and grab these. They are small and light enough to put in my pocket so I am ready to snip whenever I get the urge. It really is amazing how often I use them.

Get the best ones you can afford they will last for years.

SecateursLopers or a multi purpose tool are also a good idea.

A Hose that doesn’t Kink

Never Kink HoseOne of the most frustrating things is a garden hose that gets kinks in it. Recently, I bought one that doesn’t kink and it is like a dream come true. They are a bit more expensive than the normal garden hose but it is money well spent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Galaxy Note 8

I have one of these it is the best money I’ve ever spent. It is a mini tablet. I use it for everything. Taking photos of flowers or other things I’ve grown, reading kindle or playstore books, making notes, sending emails, internet searches, recording recipes – the list grows every day. There are a couple of things that in my opinion separate it from other tablets – it’s small enough to just put it in my handbag – it’s about the same size as a book, it is so easy to use it like a book or note pad,  I can take all my stuff with me wherever I go. The stylus pen is also a game changer for me I find typing is so much easier than on ones that you just use your fingers and I can write straight onto the screen in my own handwriting – pretty cool in my book.

A Garden chairPatio Chair

Once all the work is done it’s nice to sit down a survey the scene a soak up the beauty of my garden. A nice comfortable chair is just the thing. Make sure it can stay outside I don’t want to have to lug it inside. I won’t use it if I have to go to much trouble with it.

A Raised Garden Bed

Raised gardenThere are hundreds of raised garden beds on the market, I’ve done a whole article on them. You can find it here if you’d like to read it. Overall my favourite one is this one  which is pictured at above – it’s strong and sturdy and can be arranged in different ways depending on the situation.

If you’d like something a bit more fancy  this timber one is good choice and would be perfect for a herb garden or for someone who has issues with bending.

They can be really handy
They can be really handy


Other ideas that spring to mind are a worm farm or a compost tumbler – as you can see once I get started I can’t stop.

If you have any ideas you’d like to add to this list leave a comment (the comment tab is at the begiining of this article) and I’ll see what I can do.


  1. MiltonMilton

    You have provided a lot of good gift ideas. I’m outside doing yard work on a regular basis, and would find many of these items very useful. In fact, I already have two of the “NeverKink” hoses. They are the best hoses I have ever used. Thanks for providing this info.

    • adminadmin

      Thanks for the comments – I can’t believe I waited so long to get a never kink hose they make life less frustrating.

  2. NicholeNichole

    What great gift ideas, I would never thought of giving gardening stuff but yet so many people garden. I would love to get any garden stuff for gifts! Great post and I look forward to more 🙂

    • adminadmin

      There are some great gardener related things that make perfect gifts.

  3. foodwarriorfoodwarrior

    If only it wasn’t winter right now. These would be so useful to me.

    • adminadmin

      There is always anothe rspring on the horizon – thanks for stopping by.

  4. MichaelMichael

    Very nice looking Website with allot of good useful information.

    • adminadmin

      Thanks Michael

  5. AmandaAmanda

    Great website, You got some very useful information and your post is so easy to read and understand.

    • adminadmin

      Thanks Amanda

  6. Srijan BhardwajSrijan Bhardwaj

    Some great and relevant information. The use of such beautiful images for illustration makes your post so much beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! 😀

    • adminadmin

      Thanks for the positive feedback I appreciate you taking the time to comment

  7. WayneWayne

    Hi Vicki
    Like your website, nicely done. You bring back memories of late spring and summer. I also have one of those non kink garden hoses and they do work well. Now if only my garden wasn’t under three feet of snow.

    • adminadmin

      Hi Wayne – I can see that three feet of snow would be a problem. You must be so keen to get outside once it warms up.

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